Mixed zone – live the urbane life

It’s all about the mix! This can also be said of the mixed zone in the “Quartier Heidestraße” – with commercial, retail, living and child care all in one central urban location. The mixed zones will also have a direct connection to the existing southern buildings, creating a smooth transition into the new quarter.

The Berlin mix is a traditional concept that has proven successful in bringing together the social, economic and ecological aspects of urban life into a synergistic whole. This approach is also necessary when designing for contemporary living and working, so people can look beyond boundaries, form networks, seek out social cooperation, and together, achieve sustainability. It also promotes economic success.

The apartments: central and green

Around 860 apartments will be built facing away from Heidestrasse toward the western green areas, with a range of floor plans and apartment sizes to meet the needs of all lifestyles and life stages. Singles, couples, families and the ‘over 40s’ can choose from either a micro-apartment or one of the more spacious apartments. The apartments can be purchased by either owner occupiers or for use as rental property. And in accordance with the Berlin model of cooperative building development, 25 percent of the apartments will be allocated for subsidised rental housing. A child care centre with places for at least 77 children will be included in the residential area, and a green space of approx. 900 sqm will ensure the children have plenty of room to play and let off steam.

Retail, food & beverage: colourful and close by

Whether it’s organic, vegan, something stylish or just a quick snack, the “Quartier Heidestraße” will have something to satisfy everyone’s appetite, as well as a range of shopping options for those daily necessities. Services and specialised retail, lifestyle products, doctors and lawyers – everything in the residential area is close by. Even with its big city sophistication, the neighbourhood will also have plenty of room for just chilling out. For example, you can rest and relax on the buildings’ green roofs with views overlooking the Nordhafen and the rooftops of Berlin, or enjoy one of the many cafes and restaurants, the new meeting places in the city, located on the ground floors of many buildings.

Offices & commercial: flexible and modern

In keeping with the traditional urban concept of the Berlin mix, commercial spaces will be available in a variety of different designs and layouts suitable for new start-ups looking for flexibility with new and changing working environments, to offices for freelancers and spaces for company headquarters or hotels. Whether it’s a new business or you need to expand an existing one, the “Quartier Heidestraße”, with its excellent location, transport connections and design structure, will provide the ideal conditions and opportunities for the successful growth of your business.


• Architectural design competition: 1st to 3rd quarter 2017
• Building applications: from the 1st quarter 2018
• Planned start of construction mixed zone: 3rd quarter 2018
• Planned completion: end of 2020

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