One Quartier, three spaces

Mix it like Berlin – this guiding concept for the Quartier Heidestraße begins with a well-considered division of the Quartier into a special area, a commercial area and several mixed segments.

The special area with a centre for all the daily needs, city square and businesses distinguishes the middle of the Quartier. The mixed segments in the south and north combine residential, working and living space in the sense of the so-called Berlin mix. The commercial area, conceived as a building strip finishes the Quartier to the west of the railway lines.

Special area – Hot spot in the Europacity

Its central location and mixed use adds to the special significance of the special area both within the Quartier Heidestraße and in the context of Europacity.

The design by the Berlin architecture firm, ROBERTNEUN Architekten, was chosen to be realised. It preserves the urban spatial figure of the undivided block in its original character and offers the opportunity to define the emerging urban space in an impressive and robust “urban component” that gives this central place an unmistakable face.

The commercial complex – workplaces of tomorrow

The “Quartier Heidestraße” – where the workplaces of tomorrow are being created, with offices that reflect the spirit of this city and their location. The proximity to politics, city administration, economics, culture and medicine, combined with excellent transport connections, make this an ideal location – a space for innovative workplace solutions.

The mixed use zone – city in the city

The Quartier Heidestraße takes the successful and popular concept of the 'Berlin mix' into the 21st century: work, living and leisure – blended together. And the construction along Heidestrasse combines them all: residential and office buildings, commercial spaces, public streets and squares, as well as green areas. Cafes, restaurants and a local shopping centre in the heart of the quarter will create a pleasant, trendy living and working environment. The “Quartier Heidestraße” will also provide a total of 860 apartments, 25 per cent of which have been designated as subsidised housing in accordance with the Berlin model of cooperative land development.