Special Zone

Special zone – hotspot within ‘Europacity’

The special zone is of particular importance both within the “Quartier Heidestraße” and also within the ‘Europacity’ generally because of its central location and mix of use.
The Berlin architects ROBERTNEUN are to have their building design realised after it was recently selected in an architectural competition. Their enclosed block design preserves the spatial character and conciseness of the original urban form, but also presents an opportunity to define the emerging urban area with a ‘city block’ that is truly distinctive, and that gives this central location a very recognisable face

Sondergebiet: Fakten

  • Wohnfläche 18.343 m2 im 1. bis 6. bzw. 1. bis 9. OG Geschosshöhe 3,1 m
  • Bürofläche 12.525 m2 im 1. bis 5. OG Geschosshöhe: 3,5 m
  • Einzelhandelsfläche 6.679 m2 im EG Geschosshöhe: 5,0 m

alle Flächenangaben = BG

The offices:
comfortable and central

Around 9,500 sqm of space will be available for office use. The office spaces will be built along Heidestrasse and feature flexible layouts that range in size from 75 to 1,000 sqm and suitable for single / double offices as well as large and open-plan office spaces. The heating and cooling system uses capillary tube mat technology that will provide ideal climate conditions and high levels of comfort for the office spaces. These offices will become a very special address in Berlin due to their excellent location and ideal infrastructure environment.

versatile and convenient

Around 5,700 sqm of retail space will be constructed along Heidestrasse, which will also be widened into a boulevard. A mix of small-scale and large-scale retail (2,500 sqm available for large-scale) will provide the community and general public with a versatile and attractive local convenience centre. Everything will be there – from the pharmacy and organic supermarket, to full-line and specialist food retailers. And you can also relax in one of the many cafes and restaurants located around the triangular city square.

The apartments:
quiet and exclusive

Overall, the “Quartier Heidestraße” will utilise approx. 22,700 sqm of space for residential use. The development will have approx. 860 apartments that will face away from Heidestrasse and have an unobstructed view of the future Brückenplatz. These quiet apartments, with compact floor plans (1.5 to 2 rooms) ideal for singles and couples, are being built around green inner courtyards right in the heart of Berlin. The high-rise building also includes spacious apartments on the 7th to 9th floors, providing plenty of room for families and a unique panoramic view over the capital.

Zeitlicher Ablauf:

Architekturwettbewerb: 4. Quartal 2016
Bauantrag: Mitte 2017
Geplanter Baubeginn: 3. Quartal 2017
Geplante Fertigstellung: Ende 2019
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