Mix Use Zone

The mixed use zone – city in the city

The Quartier Heidestraße takes the successful and popular concept of the 'Berlin mix' into the 21st century: work, living and leisure – blended together. And the construction along Heidestrasse combines them all: residential and office buildings, commercial spaces, public streets and squares, as well as green areas. Cafes, restaurants and a local shopping centre in the heart of the quarter will create a pleasant, trendy living and working environment. The “Quartier Heidestraße” will also provide a total of 860 apartments, 25 per cent of which have been designated as subsidised housing in accordance with the Berlin model of cooperative land development.

Hotel and living near the central train station

A prime central location and infrastructure characterise the southern entrance to the “Quartier Heidestraße”. A building complex with 6, 7 and 12 floors is to be constructed on the 5,987 sqm site and includes 215 rent controlled apartments built in accordance with the Berlin model of cooperative land development. In addition to the apartments, the quarter will also have commercial spaces, a hotel, and a child care centre for approx. 83 children with 1,000 sqm of floor space.

Zeitlicher Ablauf:

Architekturwettbewerb: 4. Quartal 2016
Bauantrag: Mitte 2017
Geplanter Baubeginn: 3. Quartal 2017
Geplante Fertigstellung: Ende 2019
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