Pressrelease 29-09-2017

Presentation of the winning designs for the three mixed areas: all Quartier Heidestraße competitions now concluded

• Three first prizes for gmp Architekten, Collignon Architekten as well as ROBERTNEUN Architekten

• To the west of the Heidestraße, four building complexes are to be erected with residential units and small commercial spaces

• Start of construction planned for the beginning of 2019

Berlin, 29 September 2017. The architectonic designs for the erection of the Quartier Heidestraße in the Europacity, near the Central Station, have all been submitted. In the last four competitions, the jury decided on the plans for the mixed areas MI 1, MI 2, and MI 3. The winners are gmp Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner (Berlin), Collignon Architektur und Design (Berlin) as well as ROBERTNEUN Architekten (Berlin).

Thomas Bergander, Managing Director of project developer TAURECON, Regula Lüscher, Director in the state building department and State Secretary for urban development, as well as representatives of the award-winning architectural firms presented the plans selected for realisation on Friday.

The mixed areas MI 1, MI 2 and MI 3 comprise a total of four building complexes, each grouped around a courtyard with spaces for apartments and small commercial units. Altogether they contain floor space of approximately 26,000 sqm, approx. 21,300 sqm and approx. 41,850 sqm. MI 3 is composed of two buildings (MI 3.1 and MI 3.2).

A competition tender was opened for each of the mixed areas, MI 1 and MI 2 as well as MI 3.1 and MI 3.2. The jury decided to engage two different architects for the realisation of the MI 3.1 and MI 3.2 structures.

Mixed areas MI 1 and MI 2 are both adjacent to Nordhafenplatz. The buildings will be constructed according to the design of gmp Architekten. Mixed area MI 3, comprises both MI 3.1 and MI 3.2 structures, of which one is adjacent to Dreiecksplatz—the quarter’s geographic centre. Collignon Architekten designed the building on Dreiecksplatz, while ROBERTNEUN Architekten designed the structure to be built adjacent to the north. Construction is due to begin at the start of 2019.

The gmp Architekten design calls for two bright, urbane buildings, containing units clearly distinguished as either residential and commercial. The façades of bright, grey-silver brick are based on a grid in varying formats. Cloth shades with bronze and brass tones and brass railings create accents in warm colours. Both buildings are topped with tower floors.

Collignon Architekten won over the jury with a building whose grid-like façade of fibre concrete cladding has a high percentage of white. On the ground floor, a colonnade is planned leading toward Dreieckplatz. The outward facing side of the MI 3.2 building hasloggias, while the courtyard side has balconies. The façade of the residential area is clearly distinguished from the commercial space by the enclosed exterior wall panels turned inward.

ROBERTNEUN Architekten, already commissioned with the planning of the special area on Dreieckplatz as the result of an earlier competition, was also awarded first prize for its design of the mixed area MI 3.1. The building façades facing the city consist of prefabricated concrete elements hung in front with distinct vertical window apertures. The ground floor areas are conceived as “urban pedestal” with a continuous strip of commercial units.

The jury made recommendations for the further development of the three first prize designs.

Regula Lüscher, State Building Director and State Secretary for urban development, was pleased with the competition’s outcome: “In the context of the plans already existing and above all with regard to the urbane quality of the open spaces, due to high proportion of attractive ground floor use to vitalise the quarter, the prize winning designs are thoroughly convincing. With the conclusion of all competitions for the Quartier Heidestraße we have been able to assure high architectural quality, different residential forms, and a diverse use mix in the central area, as a requirement for a city district in which it is worth living. The State of Berlin, the project developer and everyone involved in the planning worked constructively, listened to each other and also argued productively. Thus the competition procedure again proved itself as a very sound quality assurance instrument. “ 

Thomas Bergander, Managing Director Taurecon Real Estate Consulting GmbH, that is developing the Quartier, added: “Since the competition ended the Quartier Heidestraße has assumed its full form. Its unambiguous identity will contribute to the quality of Europacity, also because the residential and businesses tenants will find the ideal conditions there. I want to thank everyone involved for the pleasant, open and result-oriented cooperation during the competition.”

The competition was conducted in a non-open design contest format (invitational competition). The sponsor, der Quartier Heidestraße GmbH, conducted the contest in coordination with the Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung und Wohnen (State Department of Urban Development and Housing), the district Mitte and the Architektenkammer Berlin (Chamber of Architects). The tender and preliminary review for the competition was performed by Drees & Sommer Berlin. The competition winners were chosen from 13 entries.

The jury included State Building Director Regula Lüscher and Thomas Bergander, Managing Director of Taurecon Real Estate Consulting GmbH.

The Quartier Heidestraße is being developed as part of the Europacity and includes the mixed city quarter with approx. 85,000 sqm of land dedicated to offices, retail and housing. The design plans for the special area, the heart of the quarter, the commercial strip along the railway line as well as for the mixed area MI 4.1 have been concluded following corresponding architectural competitions.

Quartier Heidestraße GmbH

Established in 2014, the company’s purpose is to develop the project Quartier Heidestraße into a lively city neighbourhood as part of the Europacity. In the sense of the “Berlin mixture”, residential and office buildings, commercial space, public roads and squares are to be created here. Altogether some 175,000 sqm of gross floor space for commercial and retailing as well as some 860 residential apartments are planned. Thomas Bergander is the Managing Director of the company.

Taurecon Real Estate Consulting GmbH 

TAURECON Real Estate Consulting GmbH was founded by Thomas Bergander to focus on real estate due diligence and project development for private and institutional clients. In the field of project development, TAURECON coordinates the entire planning from conception to completion. Amongst others, services include the engagement and coordination of the teams involved, support of the permit process and competitions as well as the organisation of marketing/sale. For real estate holdings, TAURECON examines residential buildings as well as commercial properties primarily for office, logistics and retail uses. TAURECON organises the entire acquisition process if requested by its clients.