Smart Home

A modern smart home system of the German quality brandOPUS® is installed in your apartment. In addition to ease of use and flexibility, you can control your lighting, shading and heating via app and voice.

The installed smart home system controls your

  • Lighting via smart switches, which you can supplement with additional services (see below – Extension) without renovation (OPUS® BRiDGE Light),>
  • Control of external sun protection with electronic blind switches (OPUS® BRiDGE blind),
  • Heating control with room control units and one floor heating controller per room

You can expand your smart home system individually or redesign it flexibly. In addition, your home can be connected with “Amazon Alexa” and with “Apple HomeKit”, the respective smart home application from Amazon and Apple. Through these connections, you can control the individual functions using a smart speaker with voice commands.

You can download the instructions as a PDF here.

Intercom system

  • Exit button (elevator call)
  • Door lock status (unlocked / locked)
  • Visitor Button (Door Open & Elevator Call)
  • Zurück Button (zum letzten Screen)
  • Back button (to the last screen)
  • Sleep Button (no ringtones)
  • Settings Button (personal settings)

You can download the instructions as a PDF here.


  • Initial setup
  • Comfort applications
  • Lifestyle Functions

You can download the instructions as a PDF here.

Martin Steinfurth
Technical Manager Digitization

Mobile: +49 (0)174 2 47 56 47