Digitisation: Convenient and innovative

Digitisation will shape the city of tomorrow. Quartier Heidestrasse, therefore, is planning a number of digital solutions in a variety of areas so living and working in the quarter is easier. Tenants and owners can take advantage of these on request.

For example, access to office buildings supported by the latest technologies, like an intelligent digital building access control system, would guarantee who could enter the building or not. And inside the building, an app-based room utilisation system could support office organisation.

Communicate tenant to tenant via the Internet? Absolutely, just get the planned neighbourhood app on your smartphone. It will allow you to exchange information on neighbourhood issues, take advantage of any services on offer, and obtain handy information.

Getting around could also become more digital, making driving in the neighbourhood more convenient. An app-based car parking management system could respond to individual needs like parking duration, car size or a prior reservation, and navigate drivers to the appropriate vacant parking space.