Quartier Heidestrasse

Quartier Heidestrasse

Quartier Heidestrasse is being developed as a lively new neighbourhood of residential and office buildings, commerce, public streets and squares, and green spaces. Cafés, restaurants and a local shopping centre in the centre of the quarter create a pleasant, trendy living and working environment.

Where fast trains like the “Flying Hamburger” used to rattle along, fast internet now sets the pace: with Quartier Heidestrasse, a city of its own is being created within the city on an area of around 85,000 square metres.

A real neighbourhood

A real neighbourhood that combines living, working and life – in the middle of Berlin, in the middle of Europe. Living, living and working – the famous Berlin mix is catapulted into the 21st century here.

This is ensured by a hotel, a daycare centre, coworking spaces, proximity to the main railway station, charging stations for electric mobility – and of course plenty of addresses for digitally networked living and working. Because Quartier Heidestrasse is already designed to meet the standards of tomorrow.

Life in the neighbourhood

Here you will find everything that makes a real Berlin neighbourhood so liveable and lovable: small shops, a well-stocked supermarket, a nice café and much more. You can look forward to a promenade that will soon be bursting with life: The entire Heidestrasse quarter will be completely finished in a few years.

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Projects Quartier Heidestrasse


QH Spring

In an urban mix, QH Spring offers space for a modern hotel facing Heidestraße, a daycare centre and approx. 258 flats. A 12-storey residential tower sets an accent that is visible from afar. The office CKRS Architekten has created a high-quality three-dimensional concrete façade with fine metal elements, into which large-format windows are cut. The green courtyard is used proportionally by the hotel, daycare centre and tenants.

QH Colonnades

In addition to exclusive residential units in a quiet location, the QH Colonnades offer attractive retail and gastronomy spaces. A green, modernly designed inner courtyard invites you to play and relax. The QH Colonnades owe their name to the elegant architecture designed by Collignon Architects. Relief-like façades with large-format windows characterise the exterior. Loggias and balconies give the ensemble an almost sculptural quality.

QH Crown

The office gmp Architekten designed the two-part ensemble near the northern harbour with bright, metropolitan façades on which bronze and brass railings set visual accents. Retail and gastronomy provide lively ground floor zones, and office space is also included in both buildings. The two buildings form the northern and southern enclosure of the attractive Nordhafenplatz.

QH Core

With red brick façades that refer to the site’s industrial past, the building designed by ROBERTNEUN Architekten rises up, visible from afar, as the focal point of the Heidestrasse neighbourhood. Situated directly on the neighbourhood square, it can be reached on foot from all directions. The shops on the ground floor are generously proportioned at 5 metres high and contribute to the urban flair of the ensemble. As a local shopping centre, residential and office location, the QH Core will become a highly frequented, lively place for all residents and users.

QH Straight

ROBERTNEUN Architekten have set an extravagant accent with this building. The ensemble with its natural concrete façade combines all facets of metropolitan mixed use: the basement floor is home to restaurants, businesses and studios, and there are also offices and exclusive flats in the building. Flowing open floor plans and large-format loggias characterise the design. The inner courtyard is intensively landscaped. The QH Straight presents itself as central, special and lively – a place for the urban public from all over the world.

QH Track

QH Track is a thoughtfully designed building block with individual soaring towers that are suitable, for example, as addresses for corporate headquarters. From the top, the view extends to the government district and the main railway station. The modern, inviting architecture – designed by EM2N Architects – contains different room depths and floor heights. Flexible office spaces and sizes provide space for companies of all sizes. Warehouses with room heights of almost 4 metres offer large-scale modern working environments.