Mix it like Berlin

Quartier Heidestrasse is a vibrant new neighbourhood development with a mix of residential and office buildings, commercial use, public streets and squares, as well as open green spaces. Cafés, restaurants and a local convenience centre in the middle of the quarter create a pleasant, trendy, living and working environment. Quartier Heidestrasse has plans for 295,000 sqm GFA of commercial and retail space and around 944 apartments – with 25 per cent allocated as subsidised housing in line with the Berlin model of cooperative building land development.

Located in the north-western part of Berlin-Mitte, Quartier Heidestrasse has excellent transport connections. By car, you can reach the motorway in just 7 minutes or Potsdamer Platz and the southern part of the city centre via the Tiergarten tunnel in 5 minutes. The main station is within walking distance and has numerous long-distance connections.

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Cleverly thought out, well-mixed

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QH Spring, Hotel und Wohnen in Quartier Heidestrasse
HOTEL | Living

QH Spring: The quarter opens with hotel, child care centre and space for living

The building complex with hotel, residential and commercial space and child care centre stands out because of its residential tower block, from which views extend far over the city. In the middle of the complex is a spacious courtyard. If you want diversity and excitement, QH Spring is the place for you.

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QH Track: Versatile working environments for people with vision.

QH Track: Versatile working environments for people with vision.

Individually designed intelligent offices with room to think. The rectangular office complex forms a series of tower blocks offering companies a distinct address and identity. QH Track has a diverse range of office spaces and sizes, making it suitable for corporate headquarters as well as small companies.

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QH Core: The heart of Europacity

The pulsating heart of the quarter: QH Core is the focal point of the quarter, with a local convenience shopping centre, residential and office space located on Quartiersplatz, a lively city square with an attractive water feature.

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QH Colonnades: Jewel on Quartiersplatz

QH Colonnades: Jewel on Quartiersplatz

The elegant building complex borders the north side of the square, Quartiersplatz. White colonnades characterise the ground floor level. In addition to exclusive apartments which feature an abundance of sunlight, the buildings also offer attractive retail spaces and modern office units.

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QH Straight

QH Straight: Urban life in cool modern surroundings

A rough charm distinguishes this building complex, which runs from the buildings on Quartiersplatz to the northern end of Quartier Heidestrasse. Urban in every sense, the buildings are designed for mixed use.

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QH Crown:

The crown of the quarter: A window seat by the water

The northern end of Quartier Heidestrasse is a desirable location close to the water. The northern section of the two-part building complex which makes up QH Crown has broad views across the north harbour, Nordhafen. And in the middle of the two buildings is Nordhafenplatz, a rejuvenating waterside square.

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