Berlin, November 20, 2019. Quartier Heidestrasse continues to grow: The foundation stone was laid today for the QH Spring sub-project, located vis-à-vis Berlin’s main train station. The quarter is a striking urban development element within Europacity and is one of the largest quarter developments in the capital.

  • Around 20,000 square meters of rental space for residential, retail, café and hotel
  • Building marks southern entrance to the quarter – design by CKRS Architekten
  • Quartier Heidestrasse to be created as a lively and networked urban district by 2023
  • QH Spring will be ready for move-in at the end of 2021

In the future, QH Spring will represent the southern entrance to the Heidestrasse quarter and connect the quarter with Europacity and its existing buildings, some of which are older. A location for residential, retail and hotel business as well as a daycare center is being developed here. QH Spring has a total of 19,770 square feet of leasable space, including nearly 5,000 square feet for hotel. The project is being realized by Taurecon, the developer of state-of-the-art and digital quarters.

Thomas Bergander, Managing Director of Taurecon Real Estate Consulting GmbH, says: “QH Spring is of particular importance for the Heidestrasse quarter in several respects. Firstly, it welcomes visitors coming from the main station and thus has an identity-forming function that shapes the quarter. Secondly, the building with its various usages embodies a concept of mixture that is both linked to Berlin’s successful building tradition and points the way to the future of the city. Mix it like Berlin is also the leitmotif of Quartier Heidestrasse. In the 21st century, we are consistently implementing this claim by building a quarter that is technologically up to date and, above all, is also thought and developed in a networked manner. In this way, we are creating the conditions for an economically and socially vibrant neighborhood that is oriented to the needs of local people and promotes strong neighborhoods.”


The design envisions a hybrid block with urban appeal, featuring a mix of uses including a hotel, commercial space, privately financed and subsidized housing, and a daycare center. The majority of the approximately 260 apartments are rent-controlled and are spread over three buildings. The top floors of the twelve-story tower are home to privately financed apartments with sweeping views over Europacity and Berlin.

The hotel offers its guests 180 modern rooms, supplemented by meeting rooms, lounge, bar and breakfast restaurant. Roland Kuhn, CKRS Architects, explains: “A noticeable difference to comparably large projects is the client’s declared intention to keep the resulting buildings in its own portfolio and to manage them in the long term. The commitment to high-quality and durable architecture is clearly visible. We look forward to continued collaboration and the coming progress of the construction work.” QH Spring is scheduled for completion in late 2021.


The Heidestrasse quarter is being built on an area of around 8.5 hectares. A total of 159,500 square meters of office and commercial space and around 920 apartments will be built in several phases by 2023. In addition to QH Core, the QH Spring and QH Track subprojects are already under construction.


The company was founded by Thomas Bergander. The focus of activities is on project development for private and institutional clients as well as real estate due diligence. In Berlin, the company is responsible for the project development of the Quartier Heidestrasse in Europacity and coordinates the entire planning process from conception to realization and marketing. The services include, among others, the commissioning and coordination of the teams involved, the monitoring of development plans and competitions, and the organization of marketing. For the Wasserstadt project in the Europacity Berlin, Taurecon takes over the monitoring on behalf of Adler Real Estate. Likewise, Taurecon organizes the entire purchasing processfor its clients upon request.


The company has set itself the goal of developing the Quartier Heidestrasse project as part of Europacity into a vibrant urban district. In the spirit of the “Berlin mix”, residential and office buildings, commercial areas, public streets and squares are to be built here. A total of around 159,500 sqm of commercial rental space and around 920 apartments are planned for the Heidestrasse quarter. The managing director of the GmbH is Thomas Bergander. Website:


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