Berlin, March 6, 2018. The architecture in the future Heidestrasse Quarter is varied and modern, with some buildings’ facades reminiscent of the former usage of the 85,000-square-meter area north of Berlin’s main train station as a railroad site as well as a commercial location.

Six architectural competitions for the new Heidestrasse quarter:Exhibition shows designs in the historic grain test warehouse

With the Quartier Heidestrasse, a centerpiece is being created on an area of around 85,000 square meters
the Europacity at Berlin Central Station

From March 7 to 11, 2018, all the designs of the participating international architectural firms for the six areas will be on display in a joint exhibition

A new urban district will be created in Berlin by 2023

Berlin, 6. März 2018. The architecture in the future Heidestrasse Quarter is varied and modern, with some buildings’ facades reminiscent of the former usage of the 85,000-square-meter area north of Berlin’s main train station as a railroad site as well as a commercial location. For the first time, all the results of the architectural competitions for the Heidestrasse quarter, which is part of the Europacity development area, are now being presented in a joint exhibition. On display in the historic granary are the winning designs for the six areas of the new district as well as all the competition entries from the participating international architectural firms. The exhibition will be opened this evening jointly by Regula Lüscher, Senate Building Director and State Secretary for Urban Development, and Thomas Bergander, Managing Director of Quartier Heidestraße GmbH, with invited guests.

The architectural competitions for the Heidestrasse quarter were launched in November 2016 and decided within a year. For the central local supply center with a large supermarket and other stores as well as apartments, the office ROBERTNEUN Architekten was awarded a prize. The construction start for this first area already took place in autumn last year, it was at the same time the prelude for the realization of the Heidestrasse quarter.

In the west of the area, parallel to the tracks of the railroad line, an approximately 550-meter-long commercial block will be built, designed by the EM2N office. The ten connected and differently designed buildings, five of which are tall 12-story buildings that accentuate the horizontal structure, will house around 105,000 square meters of office and commercial space as well as a small amount of retail. For the creative and innovation industries in particular, open and flexibly designed office landscapes are offered, as well as co-working spaces for better exchange.

In addition, several building blocks will be constructed along Heidestraße, providing a mix of commercial space along the Heidestraße boulevard with stores and restaurants on the first floors and apartments at the rear. A total of 860 rental apartments are being built in the Heidestrasse neighborhood, 215 of which will be subsidized apartments. The winners of the competitions for the so-called mixed-use areas are CKRS Architekten, Collignon Architekten, ROBERTNEUN Architekten and gmp Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner.

The architectural designs for the residential areas are differentiated and very diverse. For example, Collignon Architects envision colonnades on the first floor of their building at the central triangular plaza, which is also adjacent to the local shopping center. While loggias will be formed to the square on the residential floors, there will be balconies in the courtyard. The design by gmp Architekten, on the other hand, whose two buildings adjoin the Nordhafenplatz, will have facades of light gray-silver brick and parapets of brass, so that accents are set in warm colors.

The architects have also designed several city squares, which will have a high quality of stay and provide liveliness in the urban quarter. In the warm seasons, the owners of restaurants and cafes will be able to set up tables and chairs there.

Senate Building Director and State Secretary for Urban Development Regula Lüscher praised the architectural diversity of the newly emerging quarter: “For six areas with a total of 60,000 square meters of land area and 260,000 square meters of GFA, 52 architectural and planning teams prepared designs so that 33 jury members could select a winning design for each area. In just under a year, the composition of an urban whole has been achieved. The selection of the best projects resulted in above-average quality in a nationwide comparison. For a whole year, discussions were held on ground-floor uses, lively public spaces, forward-looking working hypotheses, modern residential concepts, good and lasting work culture, and identity-creating urban development, and opinions and decisions were sought and reached. A lively city is created through a lively culture of discussion. The exhibition opened today documents the diversity of the future Europacity.”

Thomas Bergander, managing director of Quartier Heidestraße GmbH, says: “We want the residential tenants and office workers to feel at home here. The city squares are to become beautiful meeting places in the neighborhood where people enjoy spending time. Thanks to the competitions, we have a very diverse and varied architecture. In this way, we have succeeded in giving the Heidestrasse neighborhood its own distinctive identity. In this way, we are also contributing to the high urban development quality in Europacity.”

Within a year, Quartier Heidestraße GmbH organized independent architectural competitions for each of the six areas of the quarter in coordination with the Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing, the Mitte district and the Berlin Chamber of Architects. The exhibition with the winning designs of the architectural competitions for the Quartier Heidestrasse can be seen from March 7 to 11, 2018 at the Kornversuchsspeicher, Heidestrasse 20c, 10557 Berlin. The exhibition is open daily from 1 to 6 pm.