Topping-out ceremony in Quartier Heidestrasse: The shell of the SAP campus in the QH Track office ensemble is complete

Berlin, 07 June 2021. The construction of the new Quartier Heidestrasse has reached another high point: The shell of the first construction phase of the future office building ensemble QH Track, which represents the new Europacity’s western border, has been completed. Thomas Bergander, Managing Director of Quartier Heidestraße GmbH, welcomed Governing Mayor Michael Müller and Dr. Martin Heinig, Managing Director of SAP Labs Berlin and Head of New Ventures & Technologies, to the topping-out ceremony on Monday.

QH Track is one of the most important building blocks in the Heidestrasse district and is also the centrepiece of the new digitalisation concept for the entire district. Here, the world’s third-largest listed software company SAP has already leased around 30,000 square meters of office space to set up a new digital campus QH Track has state-of-the-art and fully digital office space and, in particular, offers flexible space layouts ranging from 500 to 70,000 square feet of leasable space. This means that in the middle of Berlin’s government district, space is available for a wide variety of users – from prestigious corporate headquarters to medium-sized and small companies such as start-ups.

Pioneer in digitalization

A new type of digitalization concept will be integrated into the entire neighborhood development as a key element, which will consistently network office users, future residents, retail, services, other services and the mobility infrastructure comprehensively. After analysing what is technologically feasible and a needs analysis, innovative digital modules were developed that can be freely combined at neighbourhood and building levels, but also for individual commercial and office spaces and in the apartments. Depending on their individual requirements, users can put together a “digital ready” package that also offers the option of implementing further add-on options. For the companies in the QH Track and their employees, it is of added value to be able to use all digital options and offers, including those of the surrounding area, via app. This means that the entire neighborhood will become a unique networked campus.

Michael Müller, Governing Mayor of Berlin:

“Quartier Heidestrasse is making an important contribution to Berlin’s continued establishment as an international hotspot for innovation. SAP has contributed to many chapters of Berlin’s success story and, with its decision to build a digital campus here, shows that the company remains an important initiating force of our city. This is a strong signal for Berlin as a location for science, research and innovation. This shows what the proverbial Berlin mix can look like in the 21st century.”

Dr. Martin Heinig, Managing Director SAP Labs Berlin and Head of New Ventures & Technologies:

“SAP has been an integral part of Berlin’s ecosystem for over 30 years. Berlin’s strength is characterized by startups, tech companies and innovation drivers. SAP fits perfectly into this network – especially since it is so central in the Heidestrasse district – to set new impulses, to be inspired and to use synergies. We are creating an important SAP location here that offers plenty of space for our employees, but will also attract new talent. With our digital campus, we are realizing a vision that will provide an exceptional experience for our customers and partners and represent SAP’s innovative strength.”

Vibrant and livable neighborhood

Thomas Bergander, Managing Director of Taurecon Real Estate Consulting, explained on the occasion of the topping-out ceremony: “More and more life is visibly moving into our quarter. An urban and at the same time ecological, innovative and smart place is being created here, where people can feel at home, where we combine living, working and leisure. In doing so, we are putting the campus idea in the foreground and combining it with the advantages and possibilities of innovative technologies so that a lively and livable neighborhood is created here.”

QH Track is a striking 550-meter office building ensemble with around 133,600 square meters of gross floor area, in which around three quarters of the office space in the Heidestrasse quarter is concentrated. It will be built according to the designs of the EM2N Architects office. Five towers up to 55 meters high structure the ensemble and provide a prominent address. Three different building typologies will be realized here: “Warehouse” is characterized by ceilings up to four meters high as well as open concrete elements and “rough” architecture, while the “Pencils” type comprises the high-rise buildings and allows for plenty of far-reaching views of the surroundings. “Headquarters,” on the other hand, are designed to be leased to single-tenants and also open up the possibility of special uses.
Up to 8,500 people in total will be able to work in QH Track. The advantages of the entire neighborhood include short distances, green open spaces for recreation and leisure, as well as beautifully designed squares, such as the central town square with numerous restaurants and shopping facilities..

Quartier Heidestrasse: Smart and ecological living and working

With the Quartier Heidestrasse, a multifaceted, urban city quarter is being created on an area of around 8.5 hectares directly in the center of Berlin. Alle Formen des modernen Arbeitens, Lebens und Wohnens werden hier miteinander vereint: Die sechs Teilprojekte des Quartiers umfassen insgesamt rund 199.600 Quadratmeter BGF Büro- und Gewerbeflächen einschließlich eines Hotels und einer Kita sowie mehr als 940 Mietwohnungen mit ca. 95.400 Quadratmeter BGF.
The heart of the quarter – QH Core – was already occupied in January 2021. QH Track and the entire neighborhood are scheduled for completion in 2023.

Taurecon Real Estate Consulting

The company was founded by Thomas Bergander. The focus of activities is on project development for private and institutional clients as well as real estate due diligence. In Berlin, the company is responsible for the project development of the Quartier Heidestrasse in Europacity and coordinates the entire planning process from conception to realization and marketing. The services include, among others, the commissioning and coordination of the teams involved, the monitoring of development plans and competitions, and the organization of marketing. For the Wasserstadt project in the Europacity Berlin, Taurecon takes over the monitoring on behalf of Adler Real Estate. Likewise, Taurecon organizes the entire purchasing process for its clients upon request.